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Antirrhinum Sonnet Mix

  • Catalogue Code 5116-5056
  • Pack Contents: 48 Medium Plug Plants
  • Powerful scent and big on colour 
  • Attractive to beneficial insects
  • Fills wall-side borders with colour

A strong and sturdy plant stem supports the spires of this early and long flowering season snapdragon. Tall spikes of fragrant flowers open up through the whole of summer attracting bees and butterflies.

These beneficial insects are likely to pollinate nearby flowers of your strawberries and tomatoes giving you greater harvests.

We recommend you place wallflowers in containers in a sunny spot or indeed in wall-side borders. These flowers are delivered to you as medium-size plug plants around 5cm (2in) from root to tip. A perfect quantity of plants to make a bold statement with flowers.


We recommend you plant out into free-draining soil. As the plants start to flower add a high potassium fertiliser to give your flowers a real boost.



  • F1 Hybrids are crossed varieties that are exceptionally vigorous and longer lasting
  • Good in containers and pots
  • Varieties suitables for cutting
  • Will flower well in full sun
  • Will flower well in partial sun

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Health plants just right for transplanting


Plants arrived in very good condition, probably the best ever. Also most parts of the order arrived at once rather than is several batches. Packaging is robust and provided enough moisture


Plants were well packed and arrived in good condition with healthy leaves and good strong roots. Looking forward to a colourful show.

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