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All Season Apple Tree Collection

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  • Pack Contents: 3 trees, 1 of each listed

The All Season Apple Tree Collection helps you achieve an extra long harvest of delicious fruit from late August to October. These superb fruits each have their own individual flavour – which one will be your particular favourite? 

1 Tree each of:


 Apple Scrumptious - A very special apple variety and so appropriately named because of the wonderful complexity of flavours! Scrumptious was specially bred for growing conditions in the UK, this superb variety is self-fertile, frost hardy - even when in flower - and disease resistant.

The fruit is thin skinned, aromatic and can be eaten straight from the tree throughout September but, if you can resist picking them all at once, it will stay naturally on the tree without falling.

Scrumptious is an excellent modern English early dessert apple, and has quickly established itself as one of the most successful garden apple varieties of recent times. The flavour is what sets this apple apart from other early apple varieties, as the apples become genuinely sweet when planted in a sunny position.

It's a great example of how growers are once again looking at flavour as the most important characteristic in a good apple. Scrumptious is also one of the most reliable early varieties, and the apples can be picked over a period of a couple of weeks rather than all at once. If you are looking for a high-quality early-season apple which is productive and easy to grow, this is it!

Rootstock: M26

Flowering Group: FG3

Years until fruiting from planting: 2

Age of tree at despatch: 2

Height at full growth: 3m/10ft


Apple Discovery - Discovery is an excellent early variety, with good disease resistance. Producing fruit from as early as July.

Ideal for eating straight off the tree, Discovery apples have a fresh, tangy flavour and attractive pink-green skin and white flesh touched with pink.

Discovery is probably the most well-known early English apple variety, ripening in late August. It is very easy to grow, and has excellent natural disease resistance. Discovery is grown commercially on a small scale in the UK, but it has a very short shelf-life, and shop-bought apples can be disappointing if not picked at exactly the right time.

For this reason Discovery is definitely a variety that is better grown in the garden, and preferably eaten straight from the tree - although it will keep in a fridge for a week if necessary. In some years there is a hint of strawberry flavour, which adds to the summery appeal. Discovery also excels as a variety for juicing, as it produces a very well-balanced sweet/sharp juice.

Rootstock: M26

Flowering Group: FG3

Years until fruiting from planting: 2

Age of tree at despatch: 2

Height at full growth: 3m/10ft


Apple Queen Cox - Self fertile and easy to grow with high yields of fruit with a good skin colour. Queen Cox produces sweet and aromatic juicy, mouth watering apples, and lots of them too! Crops in September and will keep into the New Year.

Queen Cox is a variant of the original Cox's Orange Pippin, and is perhaps the best of all the many forms of Cox's Orange Pippin.

The most noticeable difference is a slightly deeper skin colouring, but the fruit-size can also be slightly larger and the texture may be slightly crisper ... although these are nuances and may vary from year to year.

In any case there is no doubt that Queen Cox has all the aromatic qualities associated with Cox's Orange Pippin, and in flavour terms is by any standards a remarkably good apple.

Rootstock: M26

Flowering Group: FG3

Years until fruiting from planting: 2

Age of tree at despatch: 2

Height at full growth: 3m/10ft


Most of our trees are delivered as bare rooted specimens with approximate height of: 3.5ft - 5ft / 105cm - 140cm depending on the variety.

In order to ensure a good pollination pick fruit trees from within the same or from adjacent flowering groups.

The vast majority of the trees we ship have been pruned and will appear trimmed.

Fully Grown: All 3x 3m/10ft


  • RHS Award of Garden Merit
  • Attracts Bees
  • Will flower well in full sun
  • Varieties that, in our selector's opinion, have exceptional flavour

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