A Beginners Guide to Growing Radishes

Radishes are great- the whole plants are edible and they are easy to grow. The roots are fantastic in salads; harvested at the right time they are refreshing and tangy. Harvest the leaves at the right time and they will provide a complementary texture to the crunchy roots in a salad.

What you’ll need:

BG_Water Seed

When to sow radishes:

Start in March for a mid-spring harvest. Do another sowing in early June for a summer harvest.

Radishes come into growth fast and produce delicious roots fast (a turn-around of around 30 days).

How to grow radishes:

Start by deciding how many radishes you would like to harvest at any one time (12, 20, 30?) and count out that many seeds to sow in your trough/planter. Radishes don’t take up much space so you should have lots of space to plant other crops too in the same trough/planter.

BG_Harvest Radish

  1. Fill the trough or planter with Vegetable Growing Compost so that there is a 3cm (1 ½ in) gap from the top of the trough
  2. Create a level surface, smoothing compost down with the back of the trowel
  3. Water the soil pre-sowing with a watering can and spout sprinkler (rose) so the compost is nice and moist, and seeds need not be disturbed once sows
  4. Place the radish seeds stationed one inch apart in all directions in a grid formation
  5. Sprinkle a very thin layer of compost over the seeds, so they are covered but only lightly
  6. Label the radishes with the variety (radish Marshalls Mix) and date of sowing
  7. As the seeds start to grow stems (germination) you can start to water them daily in the morning or evening (if early spring) or morning and evening (if late spring/summer)

Expect harvests in 20-30 days, - select one radish as the tester to see if they’re ready to harvest. A radish should be sharp, refreshing and un-woody. Use the leaves for tasty garnishes.