A Beginners Guide to... Growing Potatoes in Gro-Sacks

One of the easiest crops to grow, and so economical when you no longer have to think about BG_Charlottepurchasing them at the supermarket or greengrocers.

Grow them in containers or purpose-made sacks and they need not take up much space either. In fact there’ll be space for growing your own sacks of potatoes even in you just have a balcony.

Read our easy guide to growing your first crop of potatoes for harvests as early as June.



1 x Gro-Sack Charlotte Seed potatoes Kit (includes Potatoes, Gro-Sacks and Fertiliser)

1 x bag of Vegetable Growing Compost



Hand fork


When to start

Plant your potatoes end of March in an early spring or mid-April if the winter is long. Choose to grow potatoes in as sunny a site as you can. Ready to harvest in June or July.


What to do

Quantities for 3 Gro-Sacks

1) Empty some Vegetable Growing Compost into 3 Gro-Sacks to a depth of 15cm (6 in). Break up any large clumps in the compost with a trowel or hand fork to leave a fine and even compost.

2) Add ¼ of the 75g Potato Fertiliser to each sack and mix into the compost. You should have ¼ bag of Potato Fertiliser remaining.

3) Now place 5 potato Charlotte ‘seed’ potatoes in each of the bags (one near each corner and one in BG_Charlotte bagthe centre). Cover the potatoes with a further layer of compost so they are only just covered.

4) Add water to the compost so that it is moist but not waterlogged. Check once a day that the compost is moist and water on a daily basis if the soil dries out quickly. 

5) As the shoots grow to 15cm (6in) high, cover them with another 10cm (4in) layer of compost with a small sprinkling of fertiliser per bag.

6) Repeat this process until the base of the shoots are about 5-10cm (2-4in) from the top of the Gro-Sack. Add a little fertiliser to each bag each time.


Once the potato plants are flowering, it’s ready to harvest.BG_Charlotte harvest Chop the stems and leaves down and empty the sack to reveal the potatoes.