A Beginners Guide to... Growing Herb- Mint

This is a great herb to grow in containers- mint leaves grow fast, they survive well over winter and they grow in a large number of situations- deep shade or full sun. It really is an ideal herb to try as your first home-grown herb variety.

Harvest their leaves for adding to cocktails, eating straight from the bush as a breath-freshener, or adding to salads with cucumber to add a bit of zing.



3 x plants of Brundall Mint

1 x planter

1 x Vegetable Growing Compost

1 x watering can

1 x trowel

Label and pens


When to start

From February plant up small plants in larger containers. We supply the mint plants as bare-root plants, which mean they come to you with lots of roots and a small stem on top. (This may look underwhelming but the more roots, the quicker the plant will establish in their new environment and produce lots of stems.)


What to do

Fill your planter with Vegetable growing Compost to near the top, leaving a gap at the top of the container of about 3 cm (1 ½ in).

Place your three bare-root plants of Brundall mint in a triangle formation in the pot. Make a small indentation in the soil to mark where you need to dig.

Dig three small holes with a trowel, deep enough to house the roots; place the roots in the holes and back-fill with the excavated soil. Firm the plants in with your hands so the roots are covered and the green on top is proud of the soil.

Water the container thoroughly. Keep the container well-watered as mint likes moist soils.