A Beginners Guide to Gardening


It’s so rewarding to grow your own crops with fresh and tasty produce harvested straight from your own garden. If you’re new to growing your own vegetables you may be intimidated or unsure where to start or which crops to select.

In this section we choose a variety of easy vegetables for you to try, perfect for starting out. These crops can all be grown in containers or sacks, so you need not worry about cultivating the soil which is a necessity if you are growing straight in the ground.

Once you’ve done a year’s growing you’ll have the confidence to go on and start growing directly in soil as well as in containers.

But for now, here’s a guide to growing crops in containers. Here’s a list of the basics you’ll need when starting out. Purchase these items first so you’re well-stocked and well-prepared.

These are the bare essentials for easy-growing; get hold of these and you’ve fought half the battle.

  • Border fork a small/lighter garden fork (perfect for breaking up large clumps in the soil)
  • Spade a smaller/lighter garden spade (perfect for digging out soil and adding soil back around plants)
  • Trowel a ‘hand’ spade (perfect for planting in containers and baskets)
  • Hand fork (perfect for breaking up clumps when planting containers)
  • Watering can with a spout sprinkler called a ‘rose’ (perfect for watering plants in containers)
  • Gardening gloves (perfect for keeping your hands protected from thorns or hairy leaves)
  • Hoe/weeder (perfect for uprooting surface weeds)
  • Secateurs ‘garden scissors’ (perfect for cutting stems that are dead) 

Soils and compost 

Different soils are best for plants at different stages of development. Get hold of the main ones here and you’ll have the basics you need.



Containers BGG_PS

Container growing is great! By growing plants in containers you can choose the soil they grow in, water easily and create healthy and manageable crops even in a small area. There are lots of containers on the market to suit different tastes but we recommend the following to start off.


Greenhouses and sun-bubbles - getting your crops off to a great start BGG_Greenhouse

If you are sowing seeds or growing young plants, a greenhouse is perfect for this. They provide the maximum light and cool temperatures ideal for most seeds and plants to really get going before planting into containers.

If you’re on a budget yet still looking for the perfect place to give plants that light and cool temperature as they are growing into young plants, we have coldframes and PatioGro extensions that do the job nicely.

Greenhouse range and accessories


Vegtrug greenhouse


You can use window-sills too to grow seeds and young plants – but fluctuations in temperature from central heating may hinder growth. By a window in a garden shed, is a good place.



Salad Leaves

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Potatoes (in Gro-Sacks)

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Tomatoes (outdoor bush varieties)

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Broad Beans

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Herb- Mint

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Self-pollinating Apple Trees

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