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48 Cell Seed Trays and Seed Sowing Kit

  • Catalogue Code 1090-3390
  • Pack Contents: 2x watering trays, 2x matting, 12x 48 cell seed trays
  • Complete kit for seed sowing
  • Give your seeds the best start in life
  • Perfect for sowing different seeds at the same time
  • With capillary mats to encourage perfect drainage and moisture absorption levels
  • Underpot watering kit to avoid damping off disease
  • 16 piece kit comes with 2 watering trays, 2 large capillary mats & 12 48-cell plug trays

Enjoy sowing seeds of your favourite flower varieties and your favourite home-grown crops with this complete 48-call seed tray and seed sowing kit.

Seeds require moisture but preferably from beneath from a watering tray rather than on the soil surface which can cause mould to form, killing your seedlings.

This kit contains the trays and capillary mats that ensure your seeds are treated to just the right level of moisture and drainage.

Your watering trays allow a support-structure for your 48-cell trays and are deep enough to form a reservoir of fresh water for good seed health.


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