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2018 Micro-Leaf Growing Kit

  • Catalogue Code 1020-2269
  • Pack Contents: 5 packets of seeds and a growing kit
  • The easiest way to grow your own tasty, succulent and zingy garnishes
  • Brighten up your dinners just from simple sowing
  • Water and a windowsill are all you need 

Tasty, succulent and nutrient-rich Nasturtium, Amaranth Red Army, Kale Red Russian, Lemon Basil and Mustard Red Frills are great harvested as seedlings to give you a full spectrum of flavours. This kit gives you the growing tray and lid, seed mats and snips to grow your own easily. Plus you make great savings on this kit than if you buy all the components separately. 

This kit comprises a tray which fits an average windowsill perfectly, a greenhouse lid and 10 growing mats. Setting up is easy: at sowing simply place the mat in your tray and pour water gently over. Drain away excess water at the bottom of the tray. Sprinkle seeds thinly over the mat so they cover the mat but don’t touch. 

Just place the lid on top and store on a light windowsill. Look out for germinating seedlings and harvest after a mere three weeks. We recommend you check your seedlings daily, keeping the seed mat moist. 

Here are just some of the classic food combinations, championed on TV food shows, to bring your dishes to life. Nasturtium with lamb, lemon basil with potato salad, amaranth with lentils, kale with ragu and mustard Red Frills with beef. 

You receive five packs of seed: one each of 

Kate Red Russian

Mustard Red Frills

Amaranth Red Army

Lemon Basil


Plus included to help you grow are 

5 Gro-Trays

10 Gro-Felt Mats

A set of Micro-Snips


  • Good in containers and pots
  • Varieties suitables for cutting
  • Varieties that, in our selector's opinion, have exceptional flavour

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Sow Indoors

2 Varities did not germinate at all others are showings signs of growth but only after 3 weeks .


As before extremely poor results with these mats in these kits.


good quick service, items as described

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