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Ultimate Brassica Plant Collection With Free Lime and Feed!

  • Catalogue Code 1080-5757
  • Pack Contents: 16 Plants x 4 Varieties

This collection includes: 16 plants of each variety below. Plus FREE Brassica Feed 1kg and FREE Garden Lime Soil Conditioner.

16 Plants Kale Black Magic

Black Magic is an improved form of the Italian Black Kale and has been bred to perform better in the UK climate. It stands up to our winter weather well, the foliage is darker and plants are more uniform with good stability and bolt resistance. It cooks quickly, keeping it's rich dark colour. The leaves have a wonderful flavour and delicate texture. Posh chefs love it!

16 Plants Broccoli Summer Purple

A breeding breakthrough, specially bred for summer cropping - from late June to October. Summer Purple produces high quality, well-coloured spears with good heat tolerance. A very high yielding and versatile variety. Sprouting Broccoli is so good for you, it is brimmimg with vitamins and is regarded by nutritionists as a superfood, high in cancer-fighting phytochemicals.

16 Plants Cabbage Tundra

A superb variety which sets the standard for winter cabbages, Tundra will take hard frost and just about anything winter can throw at it! Add to that a very long harvest period - the heads can be ready from late October but will stand in good condition through to April - good flavour and you have a winter winner!

16 Plants Brokali Apollo

Do you love the tenderness and flavour of supermarket ‘best and finest' tender stemmed Broccoli - but don't enjoy the premium price you have to pay for it? Well now you can grow tasty, tender stems of your own! Delicious Brokali is a prolific, fast growing new variety which means you could soon be cutting the first tender stems followed by many side shoots over a long period.


Brassica Feed:

Keep Your Brassica Plants Green and Healthy This is the perfect fertiliser for all brassicas, it has just the right balance of Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium for healthy growth. It also has added Boron to boost the production of strong roots and shoots as well as Manganese which plays a major part in growth and development of plants. Our fertiliser comes in a handy re-sealable sprinkler dispenser for safe and easy pouring. NPK 27:6:6


Garden Lime:

Liming garden soil neutralises the pH of the garden soil which reduces the occurrence of Clubroot. It encourages greener foliage improves nutrient uptake strengthening plant roots and stems and helps break down heavy soils.

Lime is usually added in winter for annual crops before digging, enabling the lime to take effect before planting out. If Clubroot is a problem in your area it pays to be prepared!

Wear Gloves When Handling


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