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Tomato Growpots

  • Catalogue Code 1090-9771
  • Pack Contents: 3 Growpots

The Growpot® is the UK’s best selling Tomato accessory and now with the new improvements is even better than before.

It features the latest watering spike technology and separated watering and feeding system which means less spillage and 30% less water consumption, resulting in a stronger and healthier plant and an increase in yields by up to 40% compared to conventionally grown Tomatoes.

The new generation of grow bags, with their stronger plastic, made it difficult for the original push, twist and cut design of the Growpot® to function effectively; an issue successfully overcome by the new and improved water spike technology.

The new watering spikes of the Growpot® allow for optimum moisture within the grow bag i.e. if the compost in the grow bag is on the dry side, then the water runs faster from the Growpot®, whereas if the compost is wetter the water runs more slowly, creating the perfect moisture levels for you tomatoes, reducing risk of disorders such as Tomato splitting.


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Excellent devices . Three are intomato growcompost bags and three in your compost bags in my glasshouse . Tomato plants thriving . They have quadrupled in size since planting


I haven't grown my tomatoes this way before so I can't comment on the method. However, I was pleased with the quality of the product and I am looking forward to using them and finding out the advantages of growing tomatoes by this method

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