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Squash Scallopini Mix Seeds

  • Catalogue Code 1020-2606
  • Pack Contents: 10 Seeds

Patty pan types in yellow and green. These high yielding, attractive and tasty squashes are as prolific as courgettes.

They can be used whole when young, or left to grow a bit bigger and use as you would courgettes.

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Sow Indoors
Sow Outdoors
Plant Outdoors

Squash Scallopini Mix Seeds 1020-2606

Attractive tender yellow and green Patty pan type squashes.

Sow Indoors: March-May 1½in (4cm) deep in individual pots of pre watered compost. Keep soil moist at all times Temperature 65-70F (18-21C).

Sow Outdoors: May-June 1½in (4cm) deep, in required harvest postion in well manured soil in the sunniest part of the garden.

Plant Out: May-June. Harden off young plants before planting out in the required harvest position 24in(60cm) apart when risk of frost has passed.

Grow On: Leave strongest plants to mature watering copiously in dry summers. Pinch out the tips of the main shoot at 24in (61cm) water the soil not over the plant.

Harvest: July-October


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