Quantity 12 ft /4m row

£1.95 each

2 or more £1.85 each

Shallot Seeds: Zebrune

  • Catalogue Code 1020-2272

This heritage variety has long, pinky-brown bulbs. It is very productive and has good resistance to bolting. It has an excellent eating quality with a delicious mild and sweet flavour.

7-10 Working Days


  • Will flower well in full sun

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Rating: 4

Good value for money and I love the grow bags.

Rating: 4

My 3rd year, much better yield than using sets

Rating: 4

very good

Shallot Seeds: Zebrune 1020-2272

Heritage variety with long pinky-brown bulbs

Sow Indoors: January-March 5 seeds per module under glass. Sprinkle on the surface and cover lightly with sieved compost.

Sow Outdoors: February-March thinly into pre watered soil ½in (1cm) deep in rows 9in (22cm) apart. Keep soil moist at all times.

Plant Out: April the little clumps of bulbs in each module will push themselves apart as they grow.

Harvest: August-September for casseroles or pull young as spring onions.

Feed with Marshalls pre-planting Onion Fertiliser.

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