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Raised Bed Weather Protection Poly Cover

  • Catalogue Code 1090-4200
  • Pack Contents: 1x raised bed poly cover

Specifically designed for the Raised Bed Growing System and fits neatly over your Raised Bed Frame. This effective cover retains warmth and humidity for quicker development of crops grown from seed of as young plants.

It also protects your flowers from adverse weather conditions that can be all too frequent some years.

You can grow soft fruit and salads successfully too in this raised bed on account of the poly cover. When it’s time to harvest, simply remove the cover and place back over once you’ve finished.

Heat and humidity is increased under the effective Poly Cover which suits growing crops. However, glare from the sun is diffused so crops don’t suffer from scorch from direct sunlight.

The cover also protects against plant-eating invaders including slugs and snails giving you a degree of pest protection too.

H 50cm (20in) x L 1.2m (40in) x W1m (39 ½ in)


H 50cm (20in) x L 1.2m (40in) x W1m (39 ½ in)