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Potted Rose - Fellowship 3.5L

  • Catalogue Code 5140-1124
  • Pack Contents: 1x 3.5L potted Rose

Rose ‘Fellowship’ is an easy to grow floribunda rose which produces five to seven scented flowers per cluster. It’s free-flowering, fairly trouble-free and has an attractive bush form. ‘Fellowship’ produces orange flowers, and has an overall appearance of ‘Easy Going’, another excellent quality, highly reliable and easy to grow rose.

Plant roses into good garden soil that has been well dug and weeded; improve poor soil with compost. Dig a hole wide enough to take the root ball of the rose without cramping. Position the rose centrally in the planting hole with the bump on the stem (the graft union) level with the soil surface. Back fill with soil to cover the rose’s roots, firm in gently and water well. Prune roses to shape in spring and deadhead spent flowers as they fade to prolong the display.



  • Good in containers and pots

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