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Patio Planter

  • Catalogue Code 1090-4356
  • Pack Contents: 1x Patio Planter

An ideal solution to comfortable and easy gardening. With a height of 14½ in (37cm) there’s less need to crouch to the ground when planting and weeding. Fills 166 litres of soil.

This wooden patio planter with natural timber finish is pressure-treated to fight rot, guaranteed for 2 years, after which we recommend you re-treat with a wood paint to protect.

This planter offers an area to fill 5-10 young instant shrubs like lavender and hebes or up to 20 annuals like marigolds.

Alternatively grow up to 20 crops of greens and root vegetables to have your own small self-sustaining supply of food and save yourself the costs of supermarkets and the weight of heavy shopping.

H 0.37m x D 0.4m x L 1.8m