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Onion, Shallot and Leek Seed Collection

Includes 11 seed packs & FREE Windowsill Propagator

  • Catalogue Code 1020-9009
  • Pack Contents: 1 Seed Collection (11 varieties) Plus FREE Windowsill Propagator

11 of our best seed varieties perfect to grow the biggest onions, shallots and leeks you can, Plus a FREE Propagator Worth £14.95!

Onions and leeks can be tricky to get going so why not use our windowsill propagator to start them off. To grow the biggest onions they need to be sown in December. The propagator keeps the germinating seeds moist, warmer and protected. 

Our Windowsill Propagator is designed to provide the ideal conditions for germinating seeds. Holds 4 seed Cell Trays in any combination (9, 24 & 48 cell). The lid fits inside the base, so any condensation runs back inside the propagator, the lid can be turned to open or close vent holes. Holes on the side of the base, enable watering without removing the lid or splashing seedlings. UV resistant, with tall clear lid and robust black base. L 68cm x W 21.5cm x H20cm (base without lid 9.5cm).

Each Propagator Kit Contains: 1 x Propagator Lid, 1 x Propagator Base 4 x 9 Cell Trays 4 x 24 Cell Trays 4 x 48 Cell Trays 12 x Capillary Mats 1 x Bag of Seed Compost 12 x Labels, 1 x Pen.


Seed Collection consists of 11 packets of seeds, 1 packet each of:

Leek Zermatt, Leek Krypton, Spring Onion Guardsman, Spring Onion Furio, Spring Onion White Lisbon Winter Hardy, Onion Ailsa Craig, Onion Marco, Onion Red Baron, Shallot Zebrune, Silverskin Onion Barletta and Chives.