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Modular Staging Packs: Starter Pack (S)

  • Catalogue Code 1090-3724

Used to begin a run of staging, or as a single stand alone unit. Comes with a top and bottom shelf, four legs and all fixings.

Modular Staging Packs Professional aluminium staging allows you to create the most efficient use of the space in your greenhouse.

Made in the UK, our staging will never rot or rust. This versatile aluminium system comes in three different packs to give you many combinations, allowing you to be flexible with both your layout and your budget.

Each pack includes:

  • Two reversible shelves to use as trays
  • Each shelf is 23in/58cm long, 20in/51cm wide and 2in/8cm deep
  • Lower shelf doubles the storage or growing space, and adds to the strength of the staging
  • Black edging strip to protect outer top shelf edges
  • Legs 30in/76cm high onto which the shelves double bolt for extra strength
  • Lower shelf stands 8in/20cm from the ground

When ordering your staging you always need one Starter Pack to begin with, followed by Extension Packs (E) and Comer Packs (C) to best suit your layout.