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Micromesh Barrier - Pest and Wind Control

  • Catalogue Code 1090-4197
  • Pack Contents: 2x micromesh barriers in 1 pack

The unique Haxnicks Micromesh Pest and Wind Barrier is dual-function: with a 0.6mm mesh thickness it is designed to keep pests of all sizes, from insects to larger mammals, off your prize crops while protecting them from damage from strong and prevailing winds and in the event of particularly strong storms. 

Easy to set up and fix over crops such as soft fruit shrubs, you can remove it easily too when you want to access your crops for cultivating and harvesting.

Particularly useful if your plot is exposed to strong winds, this netting gives you peace of mind that your crops are well-protected, even when the weather gets unpleasant.

Dimensions: L 4m x H 70cm

L 4m x H 70cm