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Micro Veg Gro-Tray Set

  • Catalogue Code 1090-3516
  • Pack Contents: 5 Gro-Trays with lids + 10 Gro-Felt Mats

Our Micro-Leaves have been so successful, we have now designed a special Gro-Tray to make growing extra easy!

Plus - we've included a purpose made cellulose Gro-Felt Mat used by professionals for micro leaf production. Ensuring good water absorption and retention, for quick germination. And, of course they are biodegradable and can be composted.

Gro-Tray set consists of 5 Gro-Trays with propagation lids PLUS 10 Gro-Felt Mats!

Four Simple Steps to Success:


  • Moisten Gro-Felt
  • Sow Micro Seeds 
  • Cover with clear Propagator lid 
  • Harvest after around 7-14 days!!



Works perfectly, Cress in five days, simplicity.


This kit comes with 5 trays & lids and 10 growing mats, trays are big enough to grow a usable amount of micro-salad leaves, but small enough to sit comfortably on a window sill. The instructions are clear and very simple, and this system works well - we have micro-leaves almost ready for serving in just over a week. The growing mat supplied is particularly good as the tiny plants lift out cleanly from it, and it's so easy to see when a little more water is required. With a secind set of mats, I think it's good value for money as well as an excellent product.


So easy to use, makes all the difference to a happy briccoli shoot!

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