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Lippia dulcis Colada 3x Plants

  • Catalogue Code 1080-5496
  • Pack Contents: 3x Lippia Plants

Enjoy a natural sweetenerfrom a plant that produces edible roots, flowers and leaves. The plant trails so looks great spilling out of pots and baskets and attracts beneficial pollinators.

In full sun the leaves may turn from green to purple. All parts of the plant are edible: leaves, flower buds and even the roots which have a liquorice taste. Originally used by the Aztecs as a sweetener and chewed to numb tooth-ache but has also been used as a treatment for bronchitis!

TIP- large quantities could be toxic to the nervous system! -thats a bit like some of the energy drinks...

How your plants arrive

Each of your flowers arrives to you as young plants containing a ‘plug’ of soil with roots running through them and some small green stems and leaves.

Although they are little they are the perfect size to get growing fast once you plant them up. Position 3 plants within a pot or basket with 12in (30cm) diameter for a lovely display of attractive leaves that are sweet and medicinal.

Your flower plants will arrive to you in a plastic container contained in a bubble-lined envelope or a box for larger orders. The container allows your young plants to stay healthy by giving them an ideal air and root environment when it arrives to you. Check your 3 plants are there in the plastic container, according to your order.

Can’t plant straight away?

If you cannot plant up your flower plants straight away into their permanent position make sure the plugs of your plants are kept moist at all times.

You can place your plants on a saucer or tray of water so the plugs are immersed at the beginning of the day. Keep an eye on them and take them out of the water once the soil is moist from absorbing the water beneath.

Keep your flowers in a well-ventilated and light position in their plastic wallet after giving them water. Look to planting in their permanent position within 5-7 days.



  • Good in containers and pots
  • Good in hanging baskets
  • Will flower well in full sun
  • Will flower well in partial sun

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