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John Innes No 3 Mature Plant Compost

  • Catalogue Code 1090-4114
  • Pack Contents: 1x 30L Bag

John Innes No 3 Mature Plant Compost is the perfect medium for your mature plants. The level of peat it contains makes for better moisture and nutrient retention, and for an all round more consistent growing medium. John Innes No 3 Mature Plant Compost  provides a high amount nutrients, more than the Potting On Compost, the ideal amount for mature plants. The water holding capacity and aeration is still an ideal balance, providing the perfect environment for healthy root system and sustaining a longer plant life. John Innes No 3 Mature Plant Compost  has a comprehensive range of nutrients for strong and healthy plant development and the pH level is neutral to slightly acidic, the optimum level to ensure the correct amount of nutrients are freely available for uptake.

  • Well Draining compost

  • Feed for five weeks

  • Rich in nutrients for hungry plants

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Row Spacing
3-5 days

Excellent.nice texture and feel.





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