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Growing Success Seed Blanket - Crumb Vermiculite seed-cover

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  • Pack Contents: 1 tube

Growing Success Seed Blanket- crumb vermiculite seed-cover layer

Do as the top commercial growers, and make vermiculite an essential ingredient to your seed-sowing.

This easy-to-sprinkle, finely-crumbed, lightweight vermiculite acts as a moisture-retaining insulation layer when applied over a tray of newly-sown seeds.

Top commercial growers use vermiculite to ensure germination and seedling success. Completely sterile, Growing Success Seed Blanket is free from weed seeds, pathogens and fungi spores so helps prevent seed germination failure from the disease ‘damping off’. With an indefinite storage life you can use this season after season for on-going gardening.

It is so light and open-structures that seedlings can grow through it with ease.

What’s more,  once the seeds have germinated and you have pricked out seedlings into pots, the Seed Blanket mineral chips can even be re-used as an additive to improve other growing media, or as a houseplant mulch to deter sciarid flies from laying their eggs.


Directions for use

Apply Growing Success Seed Blanket in lieu of a top layer of compost as a 3mm (1/4 in) layer on top of a newly sown and watered tray of seeds - creates the ideal growing environment for most seeds.

The blanket absorbs and retains moisture to release slowly as needed, thereby preventing the seeds from being overcome with too much water. In addition, the air pockets provided by the open structure insulate and protect the seeds from damaging temperature extremes.

The thin, laminated structure of the vermiculite allows light to pass through to the seeds below.




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