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Gro-Sure Tomato Planter Gro-Bag 38L

  • Catalogue Code 1090-4140
  • Pack Contents: 1x 38L Bag

A nutrient-rich tomato- growing solution that promotes really strong and robust root growth and healthy plant development. Enriched with potash for improved crop-quality and abundant fruiting you’re safe in the knowledge you have the best soil environment for successful tomatoes.

Gro-Sure’s unique moisture-retention technology keeps the risk of blossom end rot to a minimum and actively feeds the tomato plants for 6 weeks- great for getting your young tomato cordons established before they flower and fruit from generous trusses

All contained in a ready-prepared grow-bag – no mess, no fuss.

At planting time

  • So easy to prepare – shake the bag to mix the soil and re-shape it so it’s flat and even again.
  • Cut around the three dotted lines- shown clearly on the bag
  • Make a hole in the compost, place your tomato plant in the hole and re-firm the plant into the surrounding soil
  • Water your planter
  • For cordon tomato varieties, insert canes for supports or hang string from directly above

Looking after your tomato plants

  • Keep the compost moist but not waterlogged.
  • Water everday in hot weather; mornings are best when the plants most readily take up water
  • Give your plants GroSure Tomato Food once they flower
  • Feed every 2nd to 3rd watering

The perfect easy-prepare planter for tomatoes and also for bell peppers, chilli peppers, peas and beans. Supply yourself with several Gro-Sure Ready-to-grow Tomato Planter Growbags and let handsome harvests of a range of delicious greenhouse crops.

For orders of 3 bags or more additional delivery charges will apply.