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Gro-Sure Smart Ground Cover 100L

  • Catalogue Code 1090-4142
  • Pack Contents: 1x 100L Bag

Expertly-formulated attractive soil-cover made from wood fibres that you simply spread on the soil surface of your vegetable plot to keep weeds from growing, to keep moisture in and protects plant roots. Provides 50% better coverage than tree bark.  

Wood fibres naturally lock together around developing crops which stops weeds penetrating the soil and taking hold in your prized flower and vegetable beds. The fibres even prevent weed seeds from germinating let alone growing, which keeps you more free from the task of weeding.

The wood fibres allow oxygen and moisture to get to the roots; the soil then retains enough moisture to help your crops remain stress free in times of drought.

How do I use Gro Sure Smart Ground Cover?

Clear way any existing weeds in the soil using gloves, and after weeding water the plants and surrounding soil well.

Spread a 1 ½ in (3cm ) thick layer of Gro-Sure Smart Ground Cover over the soil surface, ensuring the soil is evenly and completely covered.

When spreading Gro-Sure Smart Ground Cover massage out large clumps and fluff up the wood fibres to incorporate air into the soil.

Continued care

GroSure Smart Ground Cover remains effective for many years. However, reapply the layer occasionally, particularly after periods of heavy rain which may wash away or unevenly distribute some of the wood fibres.

What will 1 100litre bag cover?

I bag covers 6 square yards (5 square metres) when applied at a 1 ½ in (3cm) thickness.

I bag will cover up to 45-50 pots with diameter of 12in (30cm) at a 1 ½ in (3cm) thickness.

For orders of 3 bags or more additional delivery charges will apply.