Delivery: Early February to Late August

£8.00 each

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Gro-Sure Ericaceous Compost 25L x2

  • Catalogue Code 1090-4095
  • Pack Contents: 2x 25L Bags of Compost

Get 2 bags of 25 litre Gro-Sure Ericaceous Compost for only £8. That’s just £2 each to give 4 12in (30cm) containers the compost they require to grow thriving rhododendrons and azaleas in pots as well as crops like blueberries and cranberries.

Gro-Sure Ericaceous Compost is rich in the nutrients that acid-loving plants like so you’ll have peace of mind that your potted soft fruit, rhododendrons and azaleas will produce an abundance of lovely flowers and fruit and the leaves will have a glossy glow from the extra iron within the compost.

Use in pots or sprinkle over beds around acid-loving ornamentals like rhododendrons and azaleas to provide an effective soil-warming mulch.

For orders of 3 bags or more additional delivery charges will apply.