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Green Manure Seeds - Red Clover

  • Catalogue Code 1020-2970
  • Pack Contents: Covers 32sq yds / 26sq m

Green Manure Red Clover is a deep rooted winter hardy, bushy plant which can be grown for a quick crop and dug in or can be left for up to two years. Keep cutting to encourage new growth.

Loved by bees and beneficial insects if allowed to flower. Nitrogen fixer useful for sandy soils, can be over-wintered.

Sow April – August.

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Sow Outdoors
Rating: 4

Good quantity of seeds, in good condition.

Rating: 4

As already mentioned, the clover is already sprouting after a few days and makes excellent ground cover under runner beans, reducing weeds and adding nitrogen.

Rating: 4

I can't wait to use these, as soon as the weather is warmer (I live in the north east) I will be scattering them around my apple trees, I've been told they attract bees and this will attract the bees to visit the blossom on my trees.

Green Manure Seeds - Red Clover 1020-2970

Add ''natural'' Nitrogen to your plot.

Height: 12in (60cm)

Sow Outdoors: March-August, thinly, direct into the required position,½in (1cm) deep. Keep soil moist at all times.

Thin Out: Overcrowded plants as required.

Flowers: June-October

Fixes Nitrogen into sandy soils.