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One pack will cover: 70sq yards / 58sq metres

Caliente Mustard Seed is not just a green manure - it also acts as a bio-fumigant for the soil. Bio-fumigants suppress various soil-borne pests and diseases by releasing naturally occurring compounds.

The foliage must be crushed or finely chopped for it to release a natural gas (isothiocyanate) which effectively reduces and suppresses a range of harmful nematodes and diseases in the soil.

The combination of bio-fumigation plus the digging in of the green material, increases beneficial soil microbes, which out-compete pathogen microbes helping to keep soil diseases down.

The finer the chop the better the result, running over the area with a rotary mower or strimmer to chop well before digging in to the top 6 inches of soil is a simple way of incorporating the crop.

The benefits of use for the home gardener for most crop and soil types are:


  • Improved root systems and a measurable increase in yield of following crops.

  • Suppression of a range of soil-borne diseases including Verticillium wilt, Rhizoctonia, Pythium, Fusarium, and Sclerotinia.

  • Suppresses a range of harmful nematode species.

  • Improved soil structure and fertility.

  • Suppresses weeds - mainly soft-seeded annuals - soon after incorporation.

Caliente Mustard can be sown in spring or late summer for a quick crop, or mid-autumn for over-wintering in milder areas.

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Rating: 4

These seeds germinated in five days sprinkled sparingly and raked in to a fine, damp soil

Rating: 4

Sowed the seed and they germinated within days. Hopefully they'll do the job I bought them for.

Rating: 4

Not using them till spring, bought them while they were on offer