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Fritillaria Duo Pack - Fritillary Bulbs

  • Catalogue Code 2100-3341
  • Pack Contents: 6 Bulbs

Commonly known as Crown Imperials these fritillary bulbs send up tall stems topped with clusters of showy flowers. 
Our duo pack includes two varieties.

Fritillaria imperialis Rubra 
Most imperial fritillaries you see have bright yellow or orange flowers; Fritillaria imperialis Rubra has unusual crimson-red flowers.
Fritillaria imperialis Maxima Lutea 
This brilliant yellow fritillaria has been given The RHS Award of Garden Merit as an excellent garden plant.

Flowers: May.
Height: 90cm/3ft
Bulb: 20/24cm

Plant fritillaria bulbs very deeply, a depth of around 8in isn’t too deep. Fritillaria bulbs are perfect for a sunny or shady border. Each bulb has a hole in the top, this is normal but if you garden on heavy soil plant the large bulbs on their sides to avoid moisture gathering in the top of the bulb and rotting it.

Aftercare Crown imperial bulbs are long-lived and they flower best when they are undisturbed. Allow foliage to die down naturally to divert energy back to the bulbs.
Keep a watchful eye for lily beetle in early spring - the bright red beetles may infest stems with black excreta and they can eat through stems.


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