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Evergarden Luxury Brown and Cream Wall-Hanger Basket 30cm

  • Catalogue Code 1090-2117
  • Pack Contents: 1x Brown and Cream Wall-Hanger Basket 30cm

Get gorgeous wall basket displays for your garden and home all-year round.

Stylish, lined wall basket with sophisticated brown and cream patterning. Perfect for adding an extra dimension to your garden wall – plant with bedding or focal plants.

Why not add to a conservatory or indoor wall to create a touch of exotica, and plant up with colourful houseplants like forest-ferns and orchids. 

Lining allows greater water retention to stop soil from drying out.

Made from long-lasting recycled plastic that resembles natural rattan, and is mould-, mildew- and splinter-free. Enjoy planting up year-on-year displays, be it summer or winter.


30cm (12in) diameter, 15cm (6 in) width