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Envii Septic Klear

  • Catalogue Code 1090-2202
  • Pack Contents: 1 pack of tablets

Easy to apply, dissolvable tablets that contain a minimum of 75 BILLION beneficial bacteria per tablet and are used to improve the performance of your septic tank.

The task-specific naturally occurring bacteria and bio-stimulants increase the biological activity in your septic tank to quickly breakdown any solids and keep your septic tank in good health.

By breaking down any solids you avoid odours and reduce the incidence of costly pump outs.

Envii Septic Klear bacteria stimulates existing indigenous bacteria to work harder by introducing competition, meaning your tank or cess pit becomes far more efficient. Strains specially selected for their fast activity and also resilience to household chemicals keeps bacterial numbers high and increases your tanks performance.

The tablet also includes powdered seaweed, equivalent to a nutrient dose of 50ml of liquid seaweed, which helps stimulate activity by providing a balance of nutrients.

Directions for use

  • Use one tablet per month
  • Drop tablet into connected toilet
  • Leave to dissolve for five minutes
  • Flush toilet