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Elephant Garlic Cloves

  • Catalogue Code 1040-6045

Not a true garlic but actually closely related to the leek, Elephant Garlic cloves produces big bulbs and big fat cloves.

The flavour is sweeter and milder than traditional garlic, making it perfect for those who are not so keen on the strong flavour of regular garlic.

Basted with olive oil and then roasted in the oven, Elephant Garlic cloves make an unusual and creamy-textured vegetable!


Sept- Feb


  • Will flower well in full sun

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Plant Outdoors
Rating: 3

looking good

Rating: 4

Garlic arrived well packaged and in good condition, for planting.

Rating: 4

These produced an excellent crop this year - I'm still using the cloves and expect to do so well into 2015. My recent order has been planted already, and I'm sure I'll enjoy the same results next year.

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