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EcoSure Small Pond Clear BOGOF

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  • Pack Contents: 1 small pack, PLUS 1 pack FREE

EcoSure® Pond Clear Aqua Plus (Small Pond)

Treats 10,000 litre ponds

Amazing EcoSure® Pond Clear Aqua Plus clears water using microbes - no chemicals! Ponds are cleared in a matter of weeks quickly and easily. Simply reapply to maintain a clear pond all season.

+ FREE EcoSure® Pond Clear Aqua Plus Nitrate Testing Kit worth £3.95 with every pack ordered from Unwins! Before using EcoSure® Pond Clear Aqua Plus, test the nitrate levels in your pond by using your FREE nitrate tester 'dip strips' and colour chart provided.

About Eco-Sure® Pond Clear Aqua Plus:

  • Clears algae, green scum, blanket weed & more!
  • Fast acting, natural solution.
  • Reduces odours and improves water clarity.
  • Biodegradable and non-toxic to humans, pets, wildlife and other pond organisms.

EcoSure® Pond Clear Aqua Plus works by reducing nitrate levels to zero and cutting phosphates.

Its natural, biological organisms will set to work eliminating unsightly and harmful pond algae and ‘digesting' organic waste such as small leaves.

Best of all, it's harmless to pets, fish, birds, bees and other wildlife.

Eco-Sure® Pond Clear Aqua Plus's long shelf life means it can be stored for use, if required, to twelve months later. Please ensure adequate oxygen levels are present.

Please note: The optimal water temperature for EcoSure® Pond Clear Aqua Plus to work is between 10 & 13°C. In colder temperatures it will continue to work although it may take longer for visible effect.




Have used this product several times before and found it excellent value for money because it does exactly what it says it will do.

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