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EcoSure Pond Clear by Envii Twin Pack

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  • Catalogue Code 1090-4188
  • Pack Contents: 2 packs of 4 tablets

Keep your pond healthy and clear all season with EcoSure Pond Clear by Envii twin pack and SAVE £4.99. The organisms within Envii get to work in temperatures as low as 4 degrees Celsius so you can start it as early as spring. 

How it works in a nutshell

Algae makes your pond murky and green and it grows in increased sunlight.

Biological microbes in Ecosure Pond Clear by Envii bring the nitrates down in your pond to a well-balanced level. A low level of nitrates starve the green algae that feeds on them. This makes the pond clear again and increases the level of oxygen in the pond.

Other pond-clearing solutions only work above 12 degrees Celsius. Because Envii works in pondwater as low as 4 degrees Celsius you can apply it earlier in the season before the algae takes hold as the sunlight increases in summer.  

Here's what to do

For initial use, you should apply a double or triple dose so your pond could look crystal-clear in as little as two weeks. Just pop a tablet in a bucket of pond water, stir until dissolved and leave for 1-2 hours in direct sunlight or a warm location. Stir again before pouring your solution back into and around the whole surface of the pond.

See our video below 

How long can I expect to see results

Results can be seen as little as two weeks, depending on the level of organics, though if you have substantial algae blooms then it will take significantly longer to clear and will require additional doses.

Every pond is unique in its composition of nutrients and nitrates which means the time it takes to clear your pond of green algae, blanketweed and scum varies. Sometimes it takes up to a few weeks to see results, sometimes it takes longer, depending on water temperature, fish population and weather.

Simply apply a dose according to the instructions on the pack and repeat the dose if necessary.

Harmless to humans and other animals. 

For tips on How to Use, please CLICK HERE to download our PDF.



i would like to speak to someone about this product as i have not been able to see my fish since i started treating the pond,all it seems to do is break the algi up and leaves the small particles floating throughout the water so it is green water, no good giving you a photo because all you can see is green water, we had allways used the other treatment that you sold and that worked so i do not see why you are trying this rubbish on the unsuspecting public why change something that works is it just sop you can charge more ???, i would like this sorting out and my money back as my summer in the garden has been spoiled,colin baxter




Seems to be effective, although the water is at present still greenish, but clearer.

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