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EcoSure Aqua Super 12 Pond Clear

with added OxiPlus Oxygenator which lasts all year!

  • Catalogue Code 1090-4258
  • Pack Contents: 2x100g Sachets of OxiPlus Pond Oxygenator, 1x Trigger Treatment, 1x Day40 Top-up, 1x Day 80 Maintenance and 3x Nitrate Testers

EcoSure Aqua Super 12 is the natural way to clear Algae Bloom, Green Scum and Blanketweed. It’s a triple application annual multi-pack for a crystal clear pond all year round. EcoSure is not an algaecide, but rather a completely natural and ecologically harmless method of controlling pond scum and odours that commonly plague ponds. The program consists of simple, regular treatments during algae season.

EcoSure has a new and improved formulation which has a special blend of naturally occurring bacteria and nutrients that removes the algae’s primary source of food, nitrogen, from the water. This drastic reduction in nitrogen concentrations makes it difficult for the algae to bloom. EcoSure works in the entire water column, as well as bottom sludge layers, to digest any organic wastes generated by fish, animals and plant life in the pond. EcoSure also contains cultures beneficial for enhancing turf quality and is therefore safe to use in irrigation ponds. The cultures are completely safe, and will not harm humans, pets, plants, animals, birds or the environment.

Benefits of using EcoSure

  •           Removes existing algae and prevents new growth.
  •           Breaks down organic and fish waste in the water.
  •           Clarifies lake or pond water.
  •           Eliminates ammonia and organic odours.
  •           Enhances uptake of nutrients by grasses.
  •           Improves the aquatic environment for fish and wildlife.
  •           Reduces ammonia salts and other contaminants.
  •           Completely safe for humans, animals, fish and aquatic plant life.


Please note that EcoSure is designed to treat the cause, not the effect, of pond maintenance problems and should be used as a preventative treatment. EcoSure is a pond management program, not a one time, quick-fix chemical addition. As such, it requires initial preparation and continued attention in order to provide optimum results. The initiation (heavy) dose is designed to rapidly populate the pond with EcoSure cultures.