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Connoisseur Apple Tree Collection x5

  • Catalogue Code 1070-9380
  • Pack Contents: 5 x Bare Root Apple Trees, 1 each listed

If you like apples then you’ll love the Connoisseur Apple Collection. It contains varieties that you’re not likely to find in supermarkets and all are truly delicious, with their own unique flavours. All varieties are suitable pollinators for each other so you’re bound to get a great crop and all are perfect for your garden because they have been grafted onto rootstocks that restrict their height. This Connoisseur Apple Collection includes Kidd's Orange Red, Ellisons Orange, Pixie, Scrumptious and Ashmead’s Kernal.

Kidd's Orange Red is named in honour of New Zealand orchard owner and 20th centaury apple breeder James Hutton Kidd. Kidd's Orange Red is something really special, some might say a benchmark; it is undoubtedly an outstanding English style apple. It has complex, aromatic flavours with hints of honey and the thin yellow skin is flushed with orange-red as well as some patches of russet. It’s slightly flattened shape which also lends to its appeal. The dense flesh has a creamy colour giving it a firm bite and although the Cox's Orange Pippin is its parent it is much sweeter, thanks to its other parent, the Red Delicious. Kidd's Orange Red is a late season variety and is ready for pickling from mid-October. A good choice for gardens because of its ease of growing and reliability of cropping but also because of the tolerance to temperate climates.

Ellisons Orange is a Cox's Orange Pippin descendant which was bred in Lincolnshire around 1905. With the depth and range of flavour it is definitely a significant Cox-style apple. The flavour has a slight hint of aniseed but overall there is an aromatic complexity that some claim can be as intense as Cox. It is a mid-season apple which ripen in September and should be eaten as soon after picking as it does not keep well. Ellisons Orange has the appearance of a classic English apple with soft, almost pear-like flesh that is juicier than Cox. Easier to grow than Cox, Ellisons Orange is a must for any lover of classic English apples.

Pixie is a small apple but has big flavour and both tastes and looks similar to Cox, a possible parent. Refreshing and sharp flavour but not acidic, with a crisp, juicy texture. Because of its size it is not grown commercially, which is a shame because the flavour is excellent. However it is a good performer on smaller roots stocks like the ones we grow on, making it ideal for smaller spaces and perfect for gardens. It’s easy to crops and grows well with little effort, having resistance to scab and mildew.  Pixie is a late season variety and can be harvested mid-October and can be eaten straight from the tree or stored. If you like Cox you will enjoy Pixie.

Scrumptious is really something very special and so appropriately named because of the wonderful complexity of flavours! Specially bred for growing conditions in the UK, this superb variety is self-fertile, frost hardy - even when in flower - and disease resistant. The fruit is thin skinned, aromatic and can be eaten straight from the tree throughout September but, if you can resist picking them all at once, it will stay naturally on the tree without falling.

Ashmead’s Kernal is an old nondescript variety dating back to the 1700s. Although it’s not an entirely attractive looking apple, with a dull green colour, russet and an irregular flat shape, Ashmead’s Kernal has a unique flavour, some say it’s reminiscent of pear drops. For this reason it has been a popular variety for over 2 centuries and although primarily used as an eating apple, it can also be used for cooking and juicing.

Rootstock: M26, for all 5 varieties



  • Attracts Bees
  • Will flower well in full sun

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