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Casesetta Coste Terracotta - Self-Watering 24inch Window Box Planter

  • Catalogue Code 1090-4510
  • Pack Contents: 1x 24inch Planter

Away for the weekend?

The excellent solution to keeping your trough flower displays looking handsome or your leafy salads lush and healthy when you are away. This ingenious self-watering planting trough contains a reservoir of water at the bottom which the roots take up as and when they need it.

You can’t overfill this natural-look terracotta planter with water as the planter has an overflow outlet for excess water to escape.

How to?

Place the tray within the planter at the bottom. Fill your planter with compost and add your spring bulbs, crops, herbs or flowers.

After filling your planting trough with your prized plants water from the top until you notice water escaping from the overflow outlet at the bottom. You now have a reservoir of water at the bottom of your planter.

This will take care of your plants for around a couple of days. When you return water again until water escapes from the overflow outlet. Perfect and dependable.

Trough: 24in (60cm) length, 6 ½ in (17cm) deep, holds 13 litres of compost.