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Bio-Gro Plant Health Invigorator 500ml

  • Catalogue Code 1090-4250
  • Pack Contents: 500ml

The All-Round Natural, NON-CHEMICAL Plant Growth Supplement, Insect, Pest and Fungal Disease Suppressant

The Natural NON-CHEMICAL Growth Stimulant and Pesticide!

500ml pack makes up to 110 gallons/500 litres!

Bio-GroTM Plant Health Invigorator - the concentrated natural plant health supplement - boosting vigourous healthy growth, for higher quality, nutrient-rich vegetables and fruits.

Improves Growth

  • Stimulates strong plant and root growth
  • Unlocks and adds valuable trace element availability
  • Increases yields with better quality, more flavoursome vegetables and fruits that stay fresh longer
  • Improves flower setting further increasing yields
  • Reduces plant stress , improving germination and establishment when planting out
  • Improves frost and drought resistance

 Reduces Pest and Diseases 

  • Triggers plant defence mechanisms to reduce fungal  infection, including blight
  • Controls plant pests-banishing: slugs, snails, whitefly, red spider mite and weevils
  • Suppresses soil borne parasitic cyst nematodes

Bio-Gro Banishes Pests Including -White Fly-Thrips-Red Spider Mite-Black Fly-Snails-Slugs

IMPROVE Potato Crops - AND Reduce Potato Blight Disease... 

 Bio-Gro Plant Health Invigorator  optimises valuable uptake of potash - PLUS - it reduces Potato Blight by up to 80% 


Enhances- Better Seed Germination  and seedlings emergence uniformity when used as a 'seed soak' prior to sowing.



Have used before with good results


see above same comment applies


Good quality liquid fertiliser for your veggies, I know there's load of different types on the market, but I liked the sound of this Bio-Gro and it's given my tomatoes and other potgrown veggies and fruit, a good boost.

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