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Bio-Gro Black Gold Fertiliser 400g

  • Catalogue Code 1090-4301

The natural, concentrated Seaweed fertiliser and plant health supplement. Fully soluble, a 400g tub will make up to 800 litres of super rich plant feed!

Bio-Gro Black Gold HS70 contains concentrated Sargassum extract. Its rich alginic acid content stimulates soil micro-organisms improving soil structure and water-holding capabilities.

 The 4 BIG BENEFITS of Bio-Gro Black Gold :

  • Increases fertiliser uptake efficiency, improving soil   condition and reducing damage caused by chemical fertilisers
  • Makes minerals and trace elements more available, enhancing plant health, correcting many plant health deficiencies
  • Stimulates and enhances immunological plant functions, reducing the impact of insect and fungal attack and disease
  • Increases anti-stress and natural repair capabilities, promoting healthy vigorous growth

The advantages of Black Gold's 4  Natural Plant Growth Regulators:

These play an important role in cell growth and the synthesis of proteins, carbohydrates and chlorophyll. PLUS- the plant health regulators have a huge impact on resistance to stress, pests and diseases, improving  the plants' immune systems.

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